Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Starting the project

Ok. First blog. Hello to you who has stumbled or otherwise come across me. This project started life thanks to Dropship Horizon and the enthusiasm of it's then pilot; Mark who showed me the range and depth emerging in 15mm sci-fi wargaming. At the time I was searching on line for a drop ship model! I was inspired to try sci-fi gaming in 15mm - the grittier end of the spectrum appealed to me and so I began to create a back story for a campaign. In part, this back story comes from a partially written space opera novel I poured out as a teenager. Years ago, I was briefly excited by the Warhammer 40K universe emerging (I brought the very first rule book - wish I still had it - would probably be worth a few bob). I loved the concept of Space Marines who were clearly influenced by Knights Templars and other religious knightly orders. But, after painting up some marines, I absolutely hated the enemies set against them and, as a former serviceman, the idea of battle in a future world being fought using tactics and formations better suited to the Ancient world left me cold. Tanks of WWI fighting at point blank range... I abandoned my troops...years passed...Then the world wide web started to grow and I stumbled across GZG and downloaded their rules and saw the figures on offer. Ah-ha! This blog is an attempt to share with the wider world - whoever cares to read - if any - my slow progress of creating the forces and landscape of the Sarl valley on the former Union world; Sytol. Hold on now; it is likely to be a rough ride!

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