Friday, 5 April 2013

ROF gets it's marching orders...

++To: Colonel Jeb Gull Olam, Commander, Combat Command “Black Anvil” 
From: ROF Central Command, Jelab, Gaop Ridge. 
Subject: Arden contract for Police Action in Sarl Valley. 


Your CC will deploy for PA in Sarl Valley with immediate effect. 
Be advised that the contract allows for clause 23c, part 4a should ROF deem this necessary on evidence provided by your progress. CC’s “Storm Force” and “Jagged Edge”  will be on stand by to this end, in which case HQ element “Iron Blade” will be deployed to co-ordinate with CC “Black Anvil” taking lead role. 

The PA is planned in four phases with considerable flexibility for local judgement on the ground. The summary of the phases is attached. 

Points of note:

ROF forces will be contractually bound by article ZT4709-B during the entirety of this PA. Your attention is drawn to appendix A which details the rules of engagement. In summary, there will be no net coverage, no air support save for medical case-vac, no substantial artillery support and very limited armour support, save for organic TCT and BG elements and even these have severe restrictions imposed on them. 

Civilian loss of life and infrastructure damage will be coded into the contract. 

Severe loss or damage to above could cause ROF to breach contract but will also be in contempt of world court. 

You will be personally liable also, as commander on the ground.

The attached intel report provides all current data on Claive forces and structure.

We expect a brittle enemy. They will be fierce and determined at all times. You can and should expect an insurgency response from the civilian population, almost all of whom at some point have been Shield members. 

However, with fast and fierce engagement and even faster maneuvering, once the shield is pierced, we believe it will crack. 

Conference protocols will be maintained daily. Key decision will remain the need to utilise 23c/4a should this become necessary. 

Supply will be by road only in Sarl, although river supply should be considered if viable. 

Any intel on “Hammer” will be provided as soon as it arrives. At present, you may be best placed to learn more of this element on the ground from local knowledge. 

Good luck, Colonel. 

Signal ends.++

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