Saturday, 18 February 2012

Been busy....

I have managed at long last to devote some time and effort to getting the forces ready for the Sarl Valley campaign. The ROF are all based, as are their AFV support. Today, I completed the basing of all the initial forces. Funny, I used to be very impatient of painting and basing in particular but as this project progresses, I find I have actually enjoyed the process. Quite therapeutic. I have learned that it pays to spend a little time on the basing. I am not a great paint-smith but some of the recent units are not too bad, and a uniform basing colour and process helps bind the campaign together. So as of this evening I have the ROF, the Claive militia forces and civilian population, some of their homes, as well as some of the other characters who will become embroiled in this little police action. I posted some shots of the ROF, Claive Shield and Claive Civilians earlier; below are some additional shots of the first wave of forces.

 Arden Royal Police.
These volunteers from Arden's royal civic law enforcement will follow in the wake of the ROF and provide law and order in the Sarl Valley as the pacification progresses. 
(GZG security troops painted up in the Arden Royal colours)

 Bulldog class Command Vehicle - this one is "The Boss"; the command vehicle of Lt Durrow Monde Flode of Tactical Team Bravo, Seven Valley's Battle Group of the ROF who have been tasked with implementing the court judgement on the Claive. 

 A Guardian Class LP (low profile) APC - this one is "Gauntlet" - the "dog" of Fire Team One of TCT Bravo. 

 "The Beast" - Beatle Class LP (Low Profile) MBT. The ROF prefer the robust all terrain six wheel AFV's of Clash Industries over tracked vehicles, and they are less expensive and easier to maintain than hovers or anti-grav. Each Battle Group has organic tank support, but in the Sarl campaign they could only be deployed if the ROF run into serious opposition - something that is not expected. 
(Another excellent GZG AFV)

 Claive settlement. 
This is typical of the traditionalist Claive build of the adobe style. The Claive live simple lives but colour is of import in their belief and so their homes are usually painted in bright colours. Despite the traditional build, each settlement is fitted out with air-con, full satellite communications and high level security doors. Whilst the Sarl is an idyllic looking land, there are enemies all around it and the Calive have no illusions of the need for security. 
(Kerr & KIng Adobe building with GZG accessories) 

 Closer view of the blue house with Claive Sister off to work.

Most Claive homes have a small walled garden.

This partial transmit ion was intercepted by the ROF as part of their intelligence sweep of the Sarl on the award of the contract. After extensive data recovery and enhancement, this image - still blurry - seems to show well armed and equipped troops in a pattern of armour that looks similar to the old Union Mark VI pattern. They are clearly stood in front of a wall that is typical of Claive structures in the Sarl Valley, but ROF intelligence teams have been unable to establish the identity of these soldiers. They fit no know FFA or mercenary forces on Sytol. 
(Khurasan Federal troops)

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