Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Kresh are gathering...

Made a start on the Kresh today. Basing and undercoat is all I have managed so far! The Kresh (Khurasan's mighty Chewks to you) are the indigenous sapient species of Sytol. Over the thousands of years that the planet has been colonised by humans they have slowly dwindled in numbers and range although it is believed that their natural habitat has always been the deserts and wastelands of the central continent. The Kresh are raiders - diminutive is size compared to humans but brave in battle, and usually armed to the teeth (or hardened lip) with heavy weapons to help overcome a foe. All their weaponry is to their own design and manufacture. A typical Kresh raiding band will appear almost from nowhere, saturate the target with heavy automatic fire, mortar rounds and HE rockets whilst the assault teams rush in from close range. They will raid anything and anyone they feel they can overwhelm without excessive casualties (including amongst themselves) and the clear objective is always plunder they can take away and trade or reuse. Still thinking about colour schemes and especially their skin colour but I think Yellow will be an important colour to the Kresh in their belief system and so should figure prominently.

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