Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Kresh go...well sort of monk-ish!

Did two quick paint tests today. Happy with the overall scheme although Macro pictures really do show how rushed a paint job they were! Since the Khurasan Chewks are clearly crustacean in biology, I decided on Astronomican Grey skin - a nod to Lobsters and Shrimp types. The robes I decided on Tausept Ochre with Graveyard Earth belt and pouch. The Rifle is in Adeptus Battlegrey with Dark Angels Green muzzle for a little colour variety. Last minute, I made the eyes (or short stalks) Gore Red. As you can probably tell all GW paints. At normal vision, the robes do have a monk feel to them, but that's OK. Aside from doing the usual cover to bases, they should be relatively straight forward to paint! Now where's that time to do them gone..? I also thought if there is anyone looking for sci-fi Goblins for any reason - these little guys would suit! Very night-runner-esque.

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